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(in person or via Zoom!)

1 person:


1 Private  $150

3 Session Intro Package $400

10 Privates $1250/$125 per session

2 person duet:

1 session  $190

10 Sessions $1700/$170 per session

($85 per person)

Sound Journeys and Healings


Sound Journeys & Healing privately or for your group,

please inquire.


Cathleen has been a a teacher of  teachers for decades and her expertise

will bring the quickest and most optimal results for all your fitness goals.

Hear and read the testimonials for yourself here

or text 760.518.1113 to connect!

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Murakami Method Transformational Life Navigation


Work privately with Cathleen on creating the outer life of your dreams by transforming your inner life.  Weekly private calls and check ins, daily guidance suggestions, tracking and accountability, and more all specifically designed for YOU to live the best life ever. 

Health, Wealth, Career, Romance......we design together so your biggest dreams and wishes manifest in your life anchored by an inner foundation of calm, focus, and glowing self confidence!


 1, 4 & 12 month commitments, seriously interested in changing your life? Arrange your 30 minute complimentary conversation now: 760.518.1113/text

For physical fitness private work,

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