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   Here are some suggested guidelines that are meant to help you make the most of my weekly Murakami Method tips.  Outer changes always are initiated from the inside first and are never meant to be a struggle or create any sort of guilt or shame.  Let the transformative journey be fun!

  • "Feelingization" with intention are your greatest allies. 

  • Use the tips that "resonate" with you and forget the ones that do not - HOWEVER, I do suggest you give them all an honest try out. Sometimes, what we resist the most is the very thing we need!

  • Should you miss a week as they are currently coming to you in a specific order, just go back or start anew. (refreshers are good for everyone!)

  • There is not right or wrong way to integrate these into your life.

  • Please discontinue a MM tip should it create any discomfort of any kind.  These are shared suggestions that have worked for me, however, everyone is different and your body/mind may prefer something else. 

  • Nearly all of these tips are meant to be done in 10 minutes or less, however, depending on the suggestion, some of the tips may be used more than once per day. (i.e. taking Gratitude breaks)

  • None of these suggestions are set in stone.  Please feel free to use your own intuition with many of them and you can always email me for short answers to any questions that might pop up for you.

  • Please be sure to email me with your results and requests! I am navigating through my life, just like you are navigating yours.  We're on the same ocean together, just in different boats!

  • Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for deciding to check out and see what kind of Murakami Method Magic we can co create for YOUR life's journey!

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