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Cathleen Murakami

Transform your Wellbeing from the inside out

The Murakami Method

Cathleen Murakami is the creator of the MURAKAMI METHOD, a simple 10 minute transformational system designed for you to manifest mastery in all areas of your life from the inside out.


Fitness Class Memberships

Introducing our NEW membership options!

Every month you will receive

  • Unlimited access to 8 pre-recorded classes

  • One LIVE group zoom class


Experience Italy with Me

A culinary, fitness & wine experience with Cathleen Murakami & Chef Gino

Interested in a private week for your family reunion or other special event? Contact me for details and we can customize the week for your group!


Sound Journey

The Murakami Method BMS (Breath, Movement, Sound) experience is a juicy, energetic flow from powerful yet gentle GYROKINESIS® movements created to move energy through the spine, followed by focused breath work which will engage your vagus nerve to calm the nervous system, which then segues seamlessly into a profound Sound Journey to  fully relax your entire body to allow deep rest and healing.

Private experiences for groups or individuals and curated to your specific needs.


Get your MURAKAMI METHOD transformation message delivered to you each week!

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