Jubilant July 2021
GYROKINESIS® class weekly


<<<<<<<JULY 2021 update!!!

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Community is so important for staying connected and receiving support, to maintain

 your wellness while being part of a lively like minded and diverse group.

GYROKINESIS® class continues weekly all month*

We understand that some of us are experiencing extreme financial hardship, you may use 

 the code below, if this applies to you and your personal circumstance.

Use code "FIVEOFF " to receive $5 off

Type the code into REDEEM COUPON box in check out

and be sure to hit the " > " button to apply.

**IMPORTANT: Due to my Rancho La Puerta obligation,

the exact day and time (GyroK only) each week will be posted by Thursday

the week prior, check back regularly!

**immediate recordings are offered for full class registration fee,

library recordings are available one month after current month

i.e. April recordings available June 1, etc.